Tauro Information System®

Strategic for savings

Tauro IS is an analytical system that provides indicators of printing behavior, allowing companies to make decisions to optimize printing activity and define cost saving strategies consistent with their corporate culture, to avoid budget deviations and to improve resource use efficiency.

Tauro IS adds value to the gathered information and allows analysis relating to:

  • Ranking of users, applications, devices, etc. in terms of printing volume.
  • Austerity plan to reach the established goals in the printing strategy.
  • Cost and saving Evolution by toner and paper.
  • Coverage measures, average pages per print job, costs and savings.
  • Multidimensional reports.
  • Comparisons between manufacturers (costs, efficiencies, alerts, etc.).
  • Device inventory.
  • Trend and prediction print volume.

In addition, performs comparisons between manufacturers, sets and controls an austerity plan, quantifies the savings archieved, analyzes the PayPer Page scenarios and measured coverage by application, user, etc.

This information allows organizations to optimize printer efficiency and reduce inappropriate, unauthorized or wasteful use of printers